Willie the day he was found.

September 29, 2009




Update: November 17, 2009

Willie is doing very well and will soon be in his new home. He doesn't know it but will be getting neutered as soon as Dr. Bruzzi gives us the go ahead. Fortunately Willie will not lose much weight as a result of this operation. He is now tipping the scale at 3 pounds 12 ounces. We want to thank everyone who has supported Willie and followed his story. We will update Willie's story again at the time of his adoption.


Update: October 21, 2009

Willie is progressing nicely and as you can see is gaining weight. He now weighs 3 pounds, 11 ounces. Despite the fact he is still a bit introverted he is gradually coming out of his shell. Willie lives with a foster caretaker and comes to the RISPCA everyday. In the next week or two he will be up for adoption. At the present time we have loads of applications and will do our best to place Willie in a home suitable to his needs. Your support has been overwhelming and Willie wants to thank each and everyone of you from the bottom of his tiny heart.


September 30, 2009

We are pleased to report that Willie is doing amazingly well. He now weighs 3pounds 4.5 ounces and is gaining strength everyday. There is no doubt in our minds that he will make a complete recovery in due time. We appreciate the enormous outpouring of support and concern for Willie.


September 24, 2009

Willie is progressing nicely and showing improvement everyday. His weight is now 2lbs 14oz. We will contiune to monitor his vital signs and take more tests this week. His condition has been upgraded to good!


September 23, 2009

As hoped for, Willie has been taken off the critical condition list and is now in fair condition. He is eating on his own, but unfortunately likes junk food more than dog food; which is going to have to change fast. Plans are that Willie will be going to the RISPCA for rehabilitation which could last up to one month. All of us at the RISPCA want to thank all of you for the support shown over the past week. ~ Marvin


Willie Updates

Tuesday, September 22nd - Willie has definitely made a turn for the better and is getting more energetic. His appetite is improving, although slowly. There is a good chance he will no longer need to be supplemented with stomach tube feedings. He now weighs 2lbs, 7oz. The veterinarian has upgraded his condition to fair from critical which is very good news! There is light at the end of the tunnel and it isn't an oncoming freight train, it's the light of support from all of you.

Monday, September 21st - Yesterday was Willie's best day. His progress is very encouraging. Yesterday he ate 29 pieces of kibble and therefore had to be supplemented only twice by stomach tube feedings. He is more playful, is regaining his appetite and appears to be on his way to better tomorrows. Willie still has a long way to go and with your continued support and concern we are hopeful he will make it.

Sunday, September 20th - Willie is holding his own and even ate a teaspoon of dog food and consumed 4 small pieces of kibble (dry dog food) over night. He is still being supplemented by 4 stomach tube feedings per day. He is gradually losing his fear of people and begining to come out of his shell. He even spent a few minutes outdoors yesterday soaking up some rays. Each day is a victory for Willie. It's not the size of the dog in the fight that counts, it's the size of the fight in the dog; and Willie is a fighter. Your support is overwhelming and lets us know there is always hope.


September 19th - Willie Update

After speaking to the veterinarian this morning Willie has more perk and is a bit stronger. Willie's nutrition is being supplemented with stomach tube feedings which he is accepting with little fuss. In brief, today is better than yesterday, so keep those fingers, paws and hooves crossed!

We appreciate everyone's notes and phone calls expressing best wishes and concerns about Willie, but please direct these phone calls, letters and notes to the RISPCA & the Marvin Fund and NOT to the veterinary hospital caring for Willie.
~Thank you for your kindness.


September 18th - Willie Update

All of us want to thank everyone for their support and concern for Willie.
Willie is progressing slowly but still has some serious medical issues which are being addressed. It is a miracle he is still with us when you consider the condition he was in when he arrived at the RISPCA on September 14th. His road to recovery will be a long one and we are hoping for the best. Well keep all of you informed as to his progress.

Many people have expressed interest in adopting Willie, at this point in time we are not accepting applications for him as we do not yet know his medical outcome. We appreciate everyone's compassion and willingness to bring this poor pup into their home and we will keep you updated not only on his progress but as to when he may become available for adoption. *Please remember, there is only ONE Willie and MANY people who would like to adopt him. If & when Willie becomes available for adoption we will choose the best home that will fit him and his situation.*

We appreciate everyone's notes and phone calls expressing best wishes and concerns about Willie, but please direct these phone calls, letters and notes to the RISPCA & the Marvin Fund and NOT to the veterinary hospital caring for Willie.
~Thank you for your kindness.


On September 14th, three state workers discovered a tiny dog along the railroad tracks in Providence. He appeared to be a little hobo desperately looking for a safe haven. His frail body was barely capable of keeping him upright as he walked along the tracks. With his tail tucked between his hind legs, he cowered as the three approached him. Frightened, abandoned and hungry he had no choice but to befriend the three strangers. His tiny body was lifted from the tracks, brought to a truck and wrapped in a towel. He was transported to the RISPCA by the state workers who are to be commended for their act of compassion.

The first thing we did at the shelter was to offer him a teaspoon of food and a cup of water, which he accepted. He was literally a walking skeleton and weighed in at 2lbs 3oz. After a general examination it was decided to take him to a veterinary hospital due to his appalling condition for further care and treatment. The veterinarian reported back to us that he is severely emaciated, extremely dehydrated and very anemic no to mention the fleas that had to be desperate to pick him as a host. His fecal material was tarry black in consistence which is often times indicative of ulcers or the ingestion of sand and foreign objects which dogs will eat when starving according to the veterinarian.

His chances of survival are questionable at this time. In the meantime the Marvin Fund will provide what ever financial aid is need to help Willie recover. We will keep you up to date on Willie's progress and if you want to help Marvin help Willie, please consider making a donation to The Marvin Fund.

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