Buddy was adopted by Mr. & Mrs. Corrado from the Pawtucket Animal Shelter in 2001. Buddy was a great addition to the Corrado family especially when Mrs. Carrado was stricken with cancer. Over this past year, Buddy’s eye sight began to fail him because of progressing cataracts in both eyes. The Carrado’s brought Buddy to a veterinarian and were quoted a price for the operation.
Despite the cost quoted and knowing the hardship it would place on them they went ahead and took money out of their meager savings in hopes Buddy would see again.
Things have not been good for Mrs. Carrado who is now battling her third bout with cancer. The Carado’s also lost a son who served in Iraq and one day while Mr. Carrado was visiting his son’s resting place in the Veterans cemetery before the headstone was in place, Buddy brought him to the gravesite. Due to their hardship and what Buddy means to this family, Marvin helped.

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