This is the story of a tiny 4 LB Chihuahua who was thrown out of a third floor window. At only 4 months old, Honey has already had a traumatic experience in her young life. An older and heavier dog might not have survived the impact of hitting the ground from such a height, and its possible that her lighter weight is what saved her.
The Pawtucket man who tossed her out of the window during an argument now faces felony animal cruelty charges.
On August 8, 2008, the RISPCA became the permanent caretaker of Honey.
No definate decisions have yet been made as to her future, but she is doing well and in safe keeping.

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Update from Dr. Finocchio - 8/11/08

Pawtucket Man accused of tossing tiny dog out window

Chihuahua thrown from window

Puppy thrown from third-story window Pawtucket, RI

Puppy thrown from apartment window
(Includes video with Pawtucket Animal Control Officer John Holmes)

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