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The Final Product! Canvas Under His Tail Closeup of Paint Closeup of Paint Paint Applied to His Tail NonToxic Watercolor Paint

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What is MarvArt?
They are watercolor paintings created by Marvin,whose style is impressionistic and depending on his mood and the wag of his tail, some amazing, colorful images are created.

How is MarvArt created?
The first step involves placing nontoxic watercolor paint of various colors directly on Marvin's tail. Next, a piece of canvas is held under his tail and moved around as Marvin wags, applying the paint to suit his mood that day. Marvin creates beautiful masterpieces in a vast array of colors and emotions. No two paintings are alike, nor can they ever be duplicated
Marvart in the community
Marvin's paintings have been exhibited at the Scituate, Burrillville, and Pawtucket Art Festivals and are always on display in the RISPCA "MarvArt" Gallery. Another honor for Marvin was an invitation from Rhode Island's famous artist Maxwell Mays to exhibit his paintings at the Audobon Society's 2005 Fur, Fins, and Feathers Art Show. His paintings were exhibited along with those of other Promininent Rhode Island artists. Rhode Island Governor Donald Carcieri is the owner of one of Marvin's pieces.

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