Marvin was relinquished to a shelter twice in his life and knows what it is like to live on the other side of the tracks. He also knows the feeling of loneliness, having lived in a cement cage with little human or animal interaction. Having a permanent disability does not stop him from living a full active life.  He has never given up hope.

Marvin has visited 112 different nursing homes, hospitals, schools, day care centers, private homes, libraries and summer camp programs. He has seen the loneliness on the forgotten faces of the elderly in nursing homes, the plight of the homeless family living in a car, the troubled child in the inner city with little hope of escaping to a better life and the confinement of the disabled. Through his visits, people smile, feel his unconditional love and most of all have hope.  Marvin was very fortunate and feels the least he can do is to convey the message of never giving up regardless of how dark it may be in life. His life is a testament that there will always be brightness from obscurity.

  For Marvin, his second chance came on November 1, 2002 when he was adopted by Dr. E.J. Finocchio. The “MARVIN FUND” was established in hopes of giving others in need of food, shelter or medical attention a second chance.
The fund has helped in defraying medical costs for sick and injured animals whose elderly and disabled owners could not afford. The fund has helped countless numbers of injured animals found on the road, abandoned in dumpsters or left at our door get a second chance.

  On January 27, 2005, Marvin met with Governor Donald Carcieri of Rhode Island to talk over some humane issues, specifically the shelter laws and to promote a statewide Spay & Neuter Fund.

  We ask that you help Marvin help those who can’t help themselves by making a donation to the MarvinFund. The Marvin Fund operates on public support and your donations are needed.

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Please feel free to come visit Marvin (Monday - Friday) at the
Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Phone (401)438-8150

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