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My name is Marvin. Sometimes I am called Marvelous Marvin, Marv or M&M but mostly just Marvin. I am a 10-year-old black Labrador. Unfortunately like millions of shelter dogs that are no longer wanted by their owners, I also lived in a shelter for months waiting to be adopted, not once but twice. As a puppy, my right hind leg was injured leaving me with a permanent disability. My original owners gave me up after 3 ½- years because they no longer had time for me in their lives. The second family that adopted me returned me to the shelter because they did not want to deal with a lame dog. Fortunately, I never gave up hope and was adopted by someone who I doubt will ever give me up again.

Because of my intelligence and friendly personality, not to mention my soft velvety ears and piercing almond eyes, I was certified as a Delta Society Therapy Dog. Over the past 6 years I have visited over 112 different nursing homes,schools, rehabilitation hospitals, day care centers, libraries and summer camps. Demonstrating my tricks for children, putting a smile on the forgotten face of an elderly person in a nursing home, encouraging an inner city child to never give up and instilling hope in a sick child is very important to me. I can relate to the problems of those less fortunate because I experienced loneliness, homelessness and living with a disability. Giving up would have been easy but I chose to tell my story and hopefully encourage others that there is always hope. My story is told in my book Marvelous Marvin. It is an inspirational story that has a happy ending but getting there will evoke your emotions.

Recently I became interested in painting with watercolors. Looking closely at my paintings, you will be very surprised at what you see. No two paintings are the same. My MarvArt has been displayed at the Burrillville and Scituate Art Festivals.

All the proceeds from my book and paintings go into the Marvin Fund. This is a fund set up to help all creatures great and small.

The Marvin Fund also helps provide food and medical attention to pets owned by the elderly, disabled and those less fortunate in our society. Many of my paintings have been donated to charitable organizations, such as the Make -A- Wish Foundation, in hopes of raising funds for their causes.

I was given a second chance and will never forget it. With your support we can continue to give others who could not help themselves that special second chance. If all of us gave a little there is no telling how much we can accomplish.

Please feel free to stop by anytime to visit me at the Rhode Island SPCA shelter.



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