Mini was a very neglected Chihuahua who was found at only a few weeks of age. A concerned party contacted the RISPCA about Mini because they thought she was weak and thin. Little did they know that they were saving this little puppy's life. We investigated the complaint and found this teeny little puppy severely underweight at 11.7 oz., dehydrated and barely able to stand. We immediately seized Mini, plucking her from the jaws of death and rushed her to a nearby veterinary clinic, where we were told she would not have lived another 24 hours without intervention. Mini had to be bottle fed by one of our dedicated staff members and soon gained weight and strength. Mini's owner wanted Mini back so she could "sell her," but instead was convicted of animal cruelty, paid a stiff fine and lost ownership of Mini. Mini is now a rambunctious little dog who lives with our Volunteer Coordinator, Liz,who so lovingly nursed her back to health.

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