Marvin became a certified therapy dog in 2003 through the Delta Society. He was recertified in 2005 being one of only 4 dogs in New England to receive a perfect score. Marvin and Dr. Finocchio have received 2 Honorable Mentions from the Delta Society, and in 2008 are National Finalists in the 2008 Beyond Limits Awards

Over the past 7 years, Marvin has visited over 112 different nursing homes, hospitals, schools, rehabilitation hospitals, day care centers, libraries, summer camps and has even made a number of personal visits to shut-ins.Marvin is also an integral part of the RISPCA humane education program available to all school children throughout our state. Marvin has visited over 10,000 children in his adventures.

Demonstrating his tricks for children, putting a smile on the forgotten face of an elderly person in a nursing home, encouraging an inner city child to never give up, instilling hope in a sick child, teaching children about his “Stranger is danger” program and bite prevention is very important to him. Despite the fact he is a dog, he can relate to the problems of those less fortunate because he experienced loneliness, homelessness and living with a disability. Giving up would have been easy but with help he chose to take advantage of a third chance and wishes to help others get their second chance.

Marvin truly enjoys his visits to those that are less fortunate and recently received recognition for his community service from the Rhode Island House of Representatives in 2007. In addition, he has been recognized by the Governor and Senate of Rhode Island as a goodwill ambassador and volunteer.

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